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Yes, click on your favorite design and click ' Flip'. You can see that the figure is shown in reverse.

When you click on any of the wallpaper patterns, a pop-up wallpaper figure appears. In the text below this wallpaper figure is says 'Retro’ when the wallpaper is vintage.

The wallpaper figures are very carefully packed in a cardboard tube. Extract the contents very carefully, since it concerns wallpaper it can tear.

Send an email to, very likely the wallpaper can be ordered so that we can design it according to your wishes.

Studio POPPY also provides custom made products and almost anything is possible. Studio POPPY is very happy to work with you and will calculate €25 for the design phase. Depending on the size and complexity, the price of the final result is in line with the other designs on, For small changes to existing designs no additional costs will be charged.

Contact Studio POPPY will check if the wallpaper can still be ordered. Please note: many rolls are limited and unfortunately it will not always be possible to provide an additional roll. The price of the roll depends on the price charged by the supplier.

Contact to indicate that you want to supply your own wallpaper for the wallpaper figure. The order will be done by mail and the payment through a bank transfer. The price of the wallpaper figure remains the same. Studio POPPY will return the unused wallpaper along with the order.

According to our general terms  & conditions the delivery time is 21 days. However, in practice, the delivery time is about 5 working days.

The vintage wallpaper Studio POPPY uses is from the 60s and 70s. It is very rare wallpaper and at a given moment a certain pattern won’t be available anymore. This pattern will then be replaced by other vintage wallpaper patterns.

Almost all wallpaper figures consist of several parts. The manual clearly shows how the figure is put together, just like a puzzle. For the best result it also contains an instruction for preparing the glue (included), gluing and applying the wallpaper figures.